Your wedding is the biggest party you'll ever host so it's no surprise you have a few questions. Here are some FAQ's.

How much does a wedding cost at Roma Banquets?

Tastes, preferences, budget and the time of year all determine the price of a wedding at Roma Banquets. If you're on a tight budget, consider less expensive alternatives like a Friday evening reception during non-prime months: January through April, July, August or November.

Who works with me to plan my wedding?
Roma Banquets' wedding planning specialist works one-on-one with you through the entire planning process. We go the extra mile to make sure your day is special.

Are there requirements for a minimum number of guests?
The number of guests, time of event and day will determine minimum fees.
A minimum guarantee of guests for food and beverage is required at Roma Banquets for private receptions.

Who will be here to help me on the day of my party?
Roma Banquets assigns an experienced banquet captain to manage your wedding reception. Our captains work with you or your designated contact to ensure every detail of your day is handled with the utmost care.

Are there any restrictions on picture-taking at Roma Banquets?
We welcome you to take as many photos of your wedding or reception as you’d like.

What other planning suggestions do you have for me?
Visit web sites like The Clip pictures and articles from your favorite bridal magazines. Make notes about your favorite features from other weddings you've attended. Collect everything in a wedding planner, binder or folder. Use the ideas you collect to help select your cake, room décor, flowers and other details that will be distinctly 'you.'